Fitness Yoga Wheel
Fitness Yoga Wheel
Fitness Yoga Wheel
Fitness Yoga Wheel
Fitness Yoga Wheel
Fitness Yoga Wheel
Fitness Yoga Wheel

Fitness Yoga Wheel

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Enjoy your workout or yoga in a new creative way with this Fitness Yoga Wheel! Working out or doing yoga will never be the same!
Best Dharma WheelHow To Use A Yoga Wheel

This product is popular recently as it assists your body to move freely, providing the perfect amount of assistance to each yogi for various yoga poses and postures, such as back-bends, inversions, balance, core strength and more! 

What Exactly Is A Yoga Wheel

Fitness Yoga Wheel aids in deepening and expanding your yoga or pilates practice. To ensure your comfort and the wheel's durability, it is designed with thick padding and top quality plastic. You can now relieve your back pain, reduce muscle tension and even improve blood circulation!

Yoga Wheel Pose Guide


  • Multi-purpose: Beginners and advanced adults can use it for stretching, improving balance and flexibility, building core strength, tone and styling, opening the chest, shoulders, back and hips or warming up.
  • Designed from durable pink ABS plastic but has has a soft, thick foam covering, textured surface, a firm grip and a cushioned body for a comfortable workout.
  • It gives immediate and effective relief to those who stay on the desktop for a long time. Also relieves tension and back, spine and shoulder pain quickly.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Ergonomic, non-toxic and odorless material makes it lightweight and resilient. It has a size of 32 cm in diameter, 13 cm in width, 1.5 cm in thickness and 130 kg in maximum weight.
  • Beginner's Support: Use this circle when practicing stretching.
  • Corrects Posture: It effectively balances the body during the exercises and therefore corrects improper posture.
  • Enhances Flexibility: It also improves the tension body line effectively.

Why This Gadget Can Help You Improve Flexibility And Master Tough Yoga Poses


Material: ABS + TPE
Color: Purple / Pink / Black (optional)
Bearing capacity: 125kg / 275lb
Size: 32 * 13 * 1.5cm / 12.5 * 5.1 * 0.5in 
Weight: 1kg / 275lb

Package List: 
1 * Yoga Wheel